About Us


North Oregon Regional Search and Rescue (NORSAR) is a team of OSSA-certified volunteers and canines skilled in multidisciplinary search and rescue techniques whose purpose is to aid Federal, State, County and Local agencies in searching for, rescuing or recovering any person who is lost, injured, or killed while out of doors. NORSAR utilizes an ICS-compatible organization structure with membership consisting of community members and volunteers. NORSAR maintains membership under the Mount Hood SAR Council. NORSAR is a volunteer resource to Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue and is activated only by the Sheriff’s office.


NORSAR was founded in Oregon by 17 state certified search and rescue volunteers and their canines in 2007. The organization was founded to provide service to the public by responding to Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office call for trained rescue volunteers. NORSAR was nominated and accepted into the Mount Hood SAR Council in December 2007.


Search and rescue teams are provided at the request of the sheriff’s office and at no charge to the community. Teams are trained in multiple SAR disciplines to include canine, wilderness medicine, land navigation, man-tracking, and the ICS command structure. Team members are certified under the certification standards set forth by the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association.


Oregon boasts more than 30,000,000 total forest acres (the state encompasses roughly 60,000,000 total acres).


Oregon and southwest Washington has a lot of publicly used acreage!

      • Mt Hood National Forest – 1,067,043 acres
      • Willamette National Forest – 1,675,407 acres
      • Gifford Pinchot National Forest – 1,368,330 acres
      • Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area – 292,500 acres
      • Tillamook State Forest – 364,000 acres


Northwesterners love the outdoors!

    • Mt Hood National Forest – 4 million visitors/year
    • Willamette National Forest – 4 million visitors/year
    • Gifford Pinchot National Forest – 1.8 million visitors/year
    • Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area – 2 million visitors/year
    • Tillamook State Forest – 2 million visitors/year