K9 Disciplines

NORSAR trains canines in the following disciplines: Wilderness Air Scent, Trailing and Human Remains Detection . 

runAir Scent dogs find human scent that is primarily airborne. You will often see an air scent dog with its nose in the air. Once the dog identifies this scent cone, it follows the scent until it locates the source. The dog then returns to it’s handler and performs a specific trained alert to indicate that the subject has been located. The dog then returns to the subject with the handler.

TrailingA Trailing dog is trained to locate a specific subject based upon that person’s scent article such as an article of clothing. The trailing dog follows scent that has been left behind by the subject. This scent tends to gather along paths and in vegetation. You will often see a trailing dog with its nose to the ground. Trailing dogs are also trained to a specific alert when the subject is located. These dogs are worked on long leads.
HRDHuman Remains Detection (HRD) Dogs, also known as Cadaver dogs, and their handlers will search an area for deceased human scent above or below ground. Cadaver dogs work with law enforcement at crime scenes and at lost person searches to find someone suspected of being deceased. Cadaver searching is an air-scent skill. Much of the training time is done individually by each handler as it requires many repetitions of the various training steps.

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