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SAREX 2012

NORSAR, Washington County Sheriff's Office, and Clackamas County Sheriff's Office took part in a mock SAR drill. This involved paging out all agencies, volunteers calling in, meeting at SAR base for briefing, and then a night time search for two "missing" boys.

Helicopter training

Life Flight and USCG Astoria - training on setting up a landing zone, hot-loading dogs, and how to manage tag lines and safely lower a basket.
Approach through the rotor wash

Wilderness Survival Training

Wilderness Survival Training consists of fire building and shelter building using only those materials found in the forest and the 24 hour pack that all team members are required to have stocked and ready.
Shelter up

Community Service Events

NORSAR members frequently serve their communities in ways other than deploying on searches. We attend PR events to increase awareness of safe wilderness practices, and we participate in yearly trash clean up of Multnomah Falls and Rocky Butte.

Working the Dogs

NORSAR trains canines in the following disciplines: Wilderness Air Scent, Trailing, and Human Remains Detection. For more information about each discipline, please visit the "About Us" tab.
Hitting the swamp

Ground Team Training

Whether it is man-tracking, crime-scene awareness, or packaging and carrying a patient, NORSAR is proud of the training its members receive.
Stokes and Ropes