Required Equipment

Official Equipment List

Each NORSAR member is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of all equipment necessary to safely engage in Search and Rescue operations. The appropriate use of this equipment is a part of your initial NORSAR personal training, thus it must be acquired prior to the class in which it is featured. In an effort to mitigate the financial pressure associated with purchasing all equipment items at once, the list below includes the most crucial items to allow the member to spread the purchases over the period of the training. All recruits must have obtained the listed items by the appropriate SAR academy class. Details of where to obtain this equipment will be provided by the Recruit Training Coordinator.

  • Water (for you and your dog, if applicable)
  • Food (for you and your dog, if applicable)
  • Silva Ranger or similar high quality mirrored sighting compass with adjustable declination
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight with extra batteries/bulb
  • Pea-less plastic whistle
  • Knife (fixed single blade)
  • Fire starting kit ( saw, matches, starter, tinder, foil)
  • Tarp or bivy sack for shelter
  • Handheld GPS for wilderness navigating
  • Gaiters, hiking boots (waterproof is a good idea)
  • Day Pack